Understanding Your Roofing Warranty

When it comes to planning your complete roof installation, one of the first things you’ll discuss with your contractor is the warranty. This is often presented as an enticing offer as homeowners peruse through different types of roofing systems. Thus, it is important to understand how a roof warranty works to know which is ideal for your home. 

Roofing Warranty Basics

As you browse through different roofing products, you’ll find many kinds of warranties. Some are more complex than others, but for the most part, the ones being offered on the market come in two types. The first is the standard manufacturers’ warranty, which covers the products you install upon purchase, and the workmanship warranty, which covers the labor fees. You may also encounter extended manufacturer warranties covering both the workmanship and the products. These are often recommended as they offer comprehensive workmanship and material coverage.

Manufacturers’ Warranty

Most roofing materials have a standard lifetime warranty. This is offered by the manufacturer and has basic terms that cover your roof as long as you own your home. As for how much you’re covered, it usually depends on the manufacturer. Most usually just cover the cost of defective materials for the first few years and then prorate the coverage. For instance, if your shingles are defective within the initial period, the manufacturer replaces them for free. You’ll eventually have to pay the installation fees yourself, unless you have an extended manufacturer’s warranty.

Workmanship Warranty

This is offered by the contractor you hired to work on your roof installation project. The term or length of coverage usually indicates their quality of workmanship. Some may offer lifetime coverage, but most can still cover you against roofing failures due to subpar workmanship. They’ll also provide coverage if the roof was damaged due to improper installation. This means they’ll take care of the labor and material costs needed for the repairs. Depending on the coverage, they may even take care of interior damage caused by roof failure.

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