Top 4 Home Improvement Projects to Do This Spring

There’s no more ideal time for home improvement projects than spring. For one thing, planning your home upgrades now ensures your home will be prepped and ready for extreme temperatures in the months ahead. The spring weather is also pleasant enough that whatever project you end up doing will be finished in no time. Plus, you won’t have to contend with other homeowners who’ll be scheduling their own projects in summer. But which projects should you focus on exactly?

Top 4 Home Improvement Projects to Do This Spring

1.Gutter Replacement
The gutters keep your home safe and damage-free by catching runoff and directing it away from your property. If they’re already rusted, cracked and bent out of shape, you should consider having them replaced. Otherwise, rainwater will pour down unchecked, seeping through your home’s exterior and foundation, while causing the soil around your property to erode.

To ensure proper draining performance, replace your old gutter system with a seamless one. These gutters come in different sizes and colors at varying price points, making it easier for you to choose the system that will fit your home. Paddy’s also offers optional Leaf Relief® gutter protection that can help keep your new system clean and clog-free. This means less time and effort to clear out the leaves and debris from your gutters.

2.Siding Installation
New siding offers an easy and effective way to spruce up your home. After all, the siding makes up such a huge part of its overall appearance. A siding installation makes perfect sense when your current system is already worn, rotten or severely damaged from winter weather. Siding failure won’t just compromise your home’s aesthetics, but it can also negatively affect its thermal comfort and energy efficiency.

A new siding project is a huge investment, so make sure you have all the bases covered. These include your choice of material, color and profile. Paddy’s can help you with this. We carry top-tier fiber cement siding from James Hardie® and vinyl, polymer and engineered stone exterior options from CertainTeed®. They are designed to protect your home from inclement weather while helping maintain its comfort and energy efficiency with their superior insulating properties. What’s more, they can be customized to match perfectly with your home’s architectural style.

3.Roof Replacement
Have you checked your roof lately? While it serves as a barrier against the harsh elements, it’s not exempt to the weather damage it’s protecting your home from throughout the year. Check your current roof for cracked, curling, blistered or missing shingles. Look inside your gutters to see if there are excess shingle granules. Don’t overlook the inside of your home – check whether there are water stains and streaks on walls and ceiling.

Your home deserves a roofing system that can keep it safe and intact no matter the season. What it doesn’t need is an old and leaky one, so you should call Paddy’s immediately. We are not just your go-to company for siding installation – you can also count on us for your roof replacement. We use excellent GAF roofing systems for this particular service. They are impervious to weather damage and can deliver decades of superior performance, thanks to Advanced Protection® Technology. Not only that, they allow for many design possibilities with their selection of colors, textures and thicknesses – with some even emulating the natural beauty of genuine wood shakes and slate.

4.Deck Installation
Make outdoor living more enjoyable with a sturdy and well-designed deck from Paddy’s. We can work with a range of products and materials, but we prefer the ones from Trex®. The company’s composite decking is tough and eye-pleasing, not to mention low maintenance. It doesn’t take much to keep it looking good because it won’t require seasonal painting, sealing or staining. And, unlike basic wood decks, it will never warp, rot or discolor.

Working With Paddy’s for Your Home Upgrades

Once you’ve decided to spruce up your home with any of these upgrades, the next step is hiring a reliable home improvement company to do the actual work. One simple and effective way to find the one that best fits your needs is to ask family and friends for local referrals. These methods are a bit old-school, sure, but referrals can give you a clearer and more accurate description of how a given company does business. You’ll find that Paddy’s will always be included in that list of recommended roofing and chimneys contractors. Here’s why:

  • We are credentialed. Paddy’s has all the necessary licenses, bonds and insurance (including liability coverage and workers’ compensation) that make us qualified to perform home improvement work in your area. You’re always sure you’re covered when you turn to us for the job. And, if you want us to show you proof, we’ll be more than happy to show them.

  • We are experienced. The last thing you want is to leave your home improvement project to someone still wet behind the areas. Choose Paddy’s instead. We have decades of combined industry experience and are familiar with the codes and regulations specific to the area. We’ll make sure everything is completed to code. When you leave your project to us, whether it involves installing chimneys or replacing windows, expect no shortcuts or costly callbacks.

  • We are proven reliable. Our work is our advertising because most of the business we get comes from customer referrals. We’ll give your project our full attention, even if it’s as straightforward as an entry door replacement or as extensive as a roof installation. This commitment to complete client satisfaction through exceptional workmanship and prompt complaint resolution is one of the reasons we maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We are also grateful for all the positive feedback and five-star ratings we’ve received from pleased customers.

  • We are certified. Paddy’s has earned certifications from top roofing manufacturers, such as GAF and  TAMKO®, along with popular siding brands like James Hardie, CertainTeed and Exteria®. This allows you access to some of the highest quality products and materials available. Plus, you get to benefit from the solid warranty coverage included with these products. From roofing and siding to decks and gutters, we have you covered.

Look no further than Paddy’s for all your home improvement needs this spring. With our unmatched services, we’ll help you keep a lovelier, sturdier and more functional home. We serve Newark, DE, and the surrounding areas. Call us today at (302) 388-3625, or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation. We’d love to hear from you!

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