Tips and Tricks to Let in More Daylight This Fall

As the days get shorter and the temperatures start dropping, many homeowners often find themselves indoors to stay warm and cozy. At this point, they probably miss the days spent on their decks under the sun. If you’re also longing for a little sunshine, consider keeping your windows open to let in more daylight! Doing this offers many benefits that make you feel more energized and productive. It also improves your well-being and makes you feel inspired to seize the day. 

So, how can you add more natural light to your home? 

Update Your Exterior

The north side of your home’s exterior faces the sun all day, meaning it gets constant natural light. Consider working with a remodeler who can install larger windows that help bring more sunlight indoors. The team can also redesign the exterior and add more windows so that your home gets flooded with daylight. You can even upgrade to French or sliding patio doors with more glass to let in more light.

Add Skylights and Sun Tunnels

A dark room can easily be more inviting with enough sunlight and improve the overall mood in your home. Besides windows, skylights can also brighten up almost any room in your home. The natural light can also make it feel warmer and more inviting. However, this shouldn’t be installed by yourself, or you’ll risk water damage and leaks down the road. You’ll need to work with professionals who can determine the best placement for your skylight installation. They’ll do this by considering both the room size as well as the overall roofing structure.

Incorporate Transoms and Sidelights on Entry Doors

Planning to update your home’s entry doors? Why not integrate transoms and sidelights on them? Depending on how big your living spaces are adjacent to the door opening, you may either have two sidelights flanking both sides of the door or have only a single one installed. If privacy or security is a concern, the sidelight glass can be etched or frosted with patterns. 

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