9 Things You Should Look for in an Ideal Siding Contractor

Your exterior cladding plays an important role in your home’s overall curb appeal and moisture protection. Since it’s constantly exposed to weather elements, the ideal cladding should be extremely durable and energy-efficient. If not installed properly, it allows water and drafts to enter your home, causing rot and mold growth.  

How Does Your Siding Affect Your Home’s Interior?

Exterior siding is usually associated with curb appeal. However, it also has functional benefits, too! Along with your roofing system and gutters, your siding deflects water away from your property to prevent water damage. And since it keeps moisture from entering your home and driving up your energy bills, your siding also contributes to your home’s energy efficiency. 

Siding Topics: Info About Siding Caulk

Siding is an important part of your home’s defense against external elements, so you must spare no expense when it comes to reinforcing and maintaining it. Siding caulk is one of the things you should also carefully consider as applying it onto surfaces willy-nilly might do more harm than good. There are many kinds of caulk and many different factors to consider. What is a siding caulk? What should you keep in mind about siding caulk? Read on to find out.

Is It Time for Siding Replacement

Siding is considered one of the most essential parts of any property. It serves as the first layer against outside elements, protecting your home as a whole. It is also equipped to prevent dirt or dust from slipping through your walls and helps keep the temperatures inside bearable. Thus, when you notice defects and delay getting repairs or renewal, it won’t function as hoped. Of course, you wouldn’t want to do further damage due to negligence, but when is the right time to have your siding replaced? We’ll discuss it here.

How Siding Replacement Can Improve Energy Efficiency

When your home’s exterior is already old and failing, the better and smarter decision is siding replacement. With newer and better siding, you can help your home make a greater impression from the curb and, at the same time, ensure that it remains safe and damage-free from the harshest elements. You’ll know your home is due for a siding replacement when it’s displaying the following signs: