Solar Heat Gain: Should It Concern You?

Replacement windows, siding and other related energy-efficient products play a crucial role in reducing yearly energy bills. In this blog, a trusted home improvement contractor explains how these are worthy investments that can help address the issue of solar heat gain in your home. 

All About Solar Heat Gain

The term “solar heat gain” is usually associated with windows. It refers to the amount of the sun’s energy that turns into heat as it passes through your windows. The principle is similar to that of a greenhouse – as natural light passing through the window glass enters your home, the indoor living spaces start to feel warm. Windows with a low solar heat gain rating means that the window is admitting only a tiny amount of that heat energy. With this, you get a well-lit room without the intense heat from the outdoors.

Should You Be Concerned About It?

You can get the best – or worse – of solar heat gain depending on your local climate and your home’s comfort requirements. In this part of the country where cold winter temperatures and hot summers are expected, it would be ideal to reduce solar heat gain in the warmer months and increase the same in the cooler months. Both approaches, however, tend to be complicated, especially when it comes to installations.

Managing Solar Heat Gain in Your Home

Dealing with solar heat gain is possible when you invest in energy-efficient windows that feature components that help ensure consistent comfort in the summer and winter. If you are looking to invest in some replacement units, look for ones with at least two glass panes, inert gas fills in between the panes, warm edge spacers and low-emissivity (low-e) glass coatings. To maximize natural lighting without the heat, consider planning their placement in your home in relation to the sun’s orientation throughout the day. For instance, the northern side of your home doesn’t receive as much sunlight as the other sides, so it makes sense to install replacement windows that have a higher solar heat gain rating.

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