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Siding is an important part of your home’s defense against external elements, so you must spare no expense when it comes to reinforcing and maintaining it. Siding caulk is one of the things you should also carefully consider as applying it onto surfaces willy-nilly might do more harm than good. There are many kinds of caulk, and many different factors to consider. What is siding caulk? What should you keep in mind about siding caulk? 

What Is Siding Caulk?


Caulk, in general, is a very versatile material that is used as a filler or a sealant. It is used throughout the interior and exterior of homes to fill in nooks and crannies like gaps and cracks that are hard to fill with conventional building materials. It is an acrylic and very flexible material that is great in working as a waterproof filler and as a sealant, and the process of using a caulking gun to apply it onto surfaces is simply called “caulking”. Siding caulk is a type of material that is specifically made for your home’s siding.


Common Kinds of Caulk


Caulk can be composed of different materials that work in different types of scenarios. This acrylic material comes in many forms, like latex, silicone, butyl rubber and even a compound formed from the combination of these materials. Butyl rubber is sometimes used for exterior siding as it is specifically formulated for outdoor use and can withstand the effects of external elements and adjust to changes in temperature. 


Variety of Colors


Caulk can also be color-matched to the palette of your siding! Some siding companies even stock similarly colored caulk for this purpose, knowing that they will be inevitably used in some manner to reinforce and protect your siding. Though it is generally up to you as a homeowner to choose the color of the caulk you’ll be using for your siding, it is highly recommended that you choose a slightly lighter shade of color that matches your siding. But keep in mind that the color of the caulk won’t ever perfectly match the color of your siding, but they can be so similar in color that it becomes unnoticeable from afar or inconspicuous when near.


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