Should You Cover Roof Vents During Winter?

Winter has arrived, and heating and insulation have become a top priority to allow you and your family to comfortably hunker down and enjoy the Yuletide holidays. You’ve checked your weatherstripping and ensured that your doors and windows will hold up against the cold and will not permit the frigid air outside from entering. But you’re unsure whether to cover up a potential entryway of cold air: the roofing vents. Should you cover your roof vents during winter? 

Purpose of Roof Vents


Roof vents allow air to properly circulate through your attic and exit your home. They work by using intake and exhaust vents, which are essential for good indoor airflow. During the summer, they work continuously by taking in outside air and venting out the stuffy, hot air trapped within your attic. This does not only assist your roofing in general by protecting your shingles, but it also lessens the strain on your HVAC system and prevents moisture buildup.


To Cover or Not


There are many types of roof vents, like turbines (which look like metal chimneys with a round metal object on top) and soffit vents. Regardless of what roof vent you have installed on your roof, it is not necessary to cover them up. The common belief is that roof vents must be covered to prevent internal heating loss since they are entryways, and people think the ventilation might waste the heated air inside your home.


This is not the case as attics themselves must be properly insulated in the first place. This will prevent heat loss while keeping your attic and roof vents functional. Proper insulation of your attic will prevent the heated air inside your home from entering the attic space, which means it won’t be a cause of heat loss or outside air entering your living areas through the attic (which most people think will cause a spike in their bills). One easy way to know if your attic is well-insulated is to monitor the temperature during the evenings. A properly insulated attic should be near the temperature of the outside environment, and if the temperature is warmer than the outside climate, your internally heated air is leaking into your attic.


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