Selling Your Home: 3 Window Features to Highlight

So, you’ve just placed your home on the market and are looking to make a fast and satisfactory sale. You can make this possible by drawing their eyes to the quality of your windows. In fact, with the right window features, you can easily make your home more attractive to potential buyers. 

1. Superior Durability

You’re a homeowner yourself, so you understand how important it is to have windows that are tough and secure. To keep prospective buyers interested in your home, have your old, rotting windows replaced with newer, stronger ones from Paddy’s. Our replacement windows from Slocomb® come with a rigid vinyl construction and durable locking system that keep them impervious to weather damage and other external threats. 

2. Energy-Saving Performance

Windows contribute greatly to your home’s aesthetics, yes, but they’re also designed to improve its comfort and energy efficiency. So, if your windows are leaky and drafty, you should turn to a premier company like Paddy’s for a replacement. In addition to Slocomb, we also offer a wide selection of energy-efficient windows from other trusted industry names, including Andersen®, ProVia® and Therma-Tru®. Having these exemplary windows installed allows for a home that remains thermally comfortable and efficient in any season, which is exactly what potential buyers will be looking for. 

3. Seamless Connection With the Outdoors

A home that has large windows will be more impressive to prospective buyers. And it’s not just about the window size either. Large windows help connect the home’s interior seamlessly with the outdoors, allowing for an airier, more spacious look and feel. Bonus points if these large windows also overlook a stunning view. If your existing windows are a bit on the small side, consider replacing them with picture or sliding windows prior to selling your home. The thin frames and expansive glass of these window styles are perfect for maximizing your home’s viewing area – something that prospective buyers will surely appreciate. 

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