Roofing Underlayment: Why Is It Important?

Your roof consists of interconnected components that work together to protect your family and valuables from the threat of moisture and other harsh elements. In addition to shingles and flashing, it also has what is called the underlayment, which is not seen from view. Read on as we discuss what it is and the role it plays in your roofing system.

About the Roof Underlayment

The underlayment is a water-resistant or waterproof barrier material installed on the roof’s deck before applying the other components like the flashings and shingles. It provides an additional layer of protection from the elements, especially rain, snow and wind.

It may not always be necessary, but many sections of the roofing system need to have an underlayment material. While the actual roof covering – asphalt shingles, metal panels or clay tiles – is your roof’s first line of defense, it can suffer extensive damage during a storm. With the underlayment installed, you can have more time to perform the necessary repairs before excess moisture starts seeping through the deck and causes issues that could cost you in the long run.

Types of Underlayment Used in Roofing Projects

There are three main types of roof underlayment used in roofing projects. Asphalt-saturated felt, also known in the industry as “felt paper”, comes in different thicknesses with varying resistances to damage and weather exposure. It is still available today, but most roofers prefer its synthetic counterpart. Non-bitumen synthetic underlayment is saturated with asphalt, with the addition of fiberglass for superior stability and tear resistance. Both underlayment materials are known to be water-resistant.

Rubberized asphalt, however, is an underlayment material that has a high percentage of asphalt and rubber polymers, making it waterproof. Despite its high price point, it does its function of protecting your roof against water damage, lasting much longer than the previous two underlayment materials mentioned above.

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