Quick Facts About Your Downspouts

Have you ever heard of downspouts? These protect your home from water damage and other buildups as it is the component where runoff is actually drained from your gutters. Here are some things you should know.


1. They are customizable. Downspouts come in different styles, sizes and components. You even have the option to add a splash guard to them. This helps prevent soil erosion by reducing the speed at which water leaves the downspout. Moreover, apart from the usual K-Style and round downspouts most homeowners know, they’re also available in rectangular variants. These are not symmetrically designed, unlike their round and rectangular counterparts, as they’re made to avoid being damaged by falling leaves and potentially allow a larger volume of water runoff.

2. They can directly affect your gutters’ performance. The downspouts are a gutter addition. Its pipe drains the rainwater from your gutters and carries them to your ground-level drainage system. Without them, water would just slip over the sides of the gutters, splashing against the siding, dripping behind the eaves or pooling around the base of your home.

3. Downspouts, like most valuables, require proper maintenance. Downspouts should be checked regularly for blockages that can hinder the way they drain rainwater away from your home. Make certain that you are able to watch out for gaps in the joints between the gutters and downspouts as well. This way, you are able to ensure a longer lifespan for both your gutters and downspouts.

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