Patio Door Replacement: A Starter Guide

There are plenty of excellent reasons to get new patio doors for your home. Not only do patio doors improve the look and feel of your living space; they also provide greater energy savings depending on their style and material. The project is pretty exciting, but you need to have all the bases covered to ensure its success. Here’s a guide that you can follow.

1. Determine whether you actually need a new patio door. First things first, make sure that you actually need this upgrade done. This means checking the condition of your existing patio doors thoroughly. A replacement may be in order if:

  • Your current patio doors have become drafty.

  • There are visible and sizable gaps around the door edges.

  • Your patio doors have become prone to sticking or jamming, making them difficult to open, close, or lock properly.

  • The doors show obvious signs of damage and deterioration.

  • You can see mold and rot in your patio doors.

  • The finish on the door is fading and peeling.

  • Condensation has formed between the glass panels.

A patio door replacement project seems straightforward, but it requires as much careful planning as new siding installation. If your existing door system is already displaying some, or all, of these telltale signs, then repair or maintenance work may not cut it anymore. It would make sense to have a patio door replacement for this reason.

2. Decide on the patio door style. Patio doors are available in different styles and configurations. Classic hinged French and contemporary sliding patio doors are the two most popular options-each one offering its own distinct advantages. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Hinged French patio doors come with a neat and timeless look that matches well with traditional home styles. They are available in single or double door configurations, with the latter option being especially handy for those who love entertaining. When opened, hinged French doors create a large opening that seamlessly connects the home’s interior with the outdoor living space. This allows for a smoother flow between the two areas.

  • Sliding glass patio doors have a sleek and stylish appearance that perfectly suits modern and contemporary home styles. They don’t swing out or in, but glide easily along their tracks. Sliding doors fit neatly to the side when opened, which helps save space in your home. What’s more, sliding doors take little effort to open and close. Just push them a bit to the side, and off they go. Their smooth operation may prove invaluable to those who have difficulty with fine motor skills. If you end up choosing a sliding patio door, make sure it pairs well with your home’s other design elements, such as the siding, roofing and windows. 

Trusted exterior renovation company, Paddy’s, offers a wide range of high-quality patio doors from leading industry names, such as Therma-Tru® and ProVia®. They are fully customizable, allowing for many design possibilities. Our skilled team will be more than happy to help you design and decide on the patio door that best fits your home’s aesthetics.

3. Think about your home’s energy efficiency. Patio doors do more than spruce up your home or protect it from the harsh elements. They also contribute greatly to its energy efficiency. Take the hinged French patio door, for example. When closed, they create a strong and tight seal that prevents air leakage and energy loss. The sliding patio door, meanwhile, allows plenty of sunlight to stream into your home, thanks to its slim frames and expansive glass. By providing natural illumination to your living space during the daytime, a sliding patio door helps reduce your reliance on artificial lighting, This, in turn, allows for reduced utility bills.

Hinged and sliding patio doors are already efficient on their own. But they can take your energy savings to the next level with the right door material and glass. The ThermaTru patio doors offered, for example, come with a polyurethane foam core that can provide up to four times the insulating value of wood. Plus, they use a triple-pane glass construction for  superior thermal performance. With these patio doors installed, keeping your home comfortable and energy-efficient in any season becomes easier.

4. Choose a patio door that can keep your home secure. You’ll want your new patio door to be tough enough to head off possible damage from weather and other external threats. You should be mindful of the material used in your new patio doors. Some of the most popular patio door options include wood, vinyl, steel and fiberglass – all of which are available in our quality selection from ProVia. Check out:

  • Aeris™ sliding patio doors come with a wood-clad interior and all-vinyl exterior for tough, low-maintenance performance and lasting color retention. If you’ve been looking for patio doors that are impervious to rot, corrosion, cracking and peeling, these are definitely it. 

  • Signet™ and Heritage™ hinged patio doors offer the beauty of authentic wood, but with a durable fiberglass construction. Structurally superior to traditional fiberglass doors, our Signet and Heritage hinged patio doors keep your home safe, especially when equipped with a keyed handle set for additional security, plus a thumb-turn deadbolt.

  • Legacy™ steel patio door may be the toughest door system available in today’s market. Built with 20-gauge steel, ProVia Legacy patio doors are an excellent addition to your home security. And like the Signet and Heritage lines, these doors come with quality hardware options from reputable lockset manufacturers, including Trilennium®, Hoppe®, Emtek®, Brinks® and Schlage®.

Working With Paddy’s

Once you have a clear idea of what your new patio doors should be, the next step is to hire a reliable door replacement contractor who can deliver satisfactory results. For most homeowners in New Castle County, the only name to call is Paddy’s. We are a licensed, insured and certified exterior renovation company with over 20 years of industry experience. Combining superior craftsmanship, top-tier products and customer-centric service, we’ll make sure your experience with us is both positive and rewarding. 

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Aside from cleaning and inspecting chimneys, Paddy’s is also an expert in replacing and installing patio doors. Expect only a safe and worry-free process when you choose us to handle your door upgrade. We proudly serve the areas in and around Newark and Middletown, DE. Call us today at (302) 388-3625, or fill out this contact form to schedule a consultation. We’d love to hear from you!

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