Is It Time for Siding Replacement

Siding is considered one of the most essential parts of any property. It serves as the first layer against outside elements, protecting your home as a whole. It is also equipped to prevent dirt or dust from slipping through your walls and helps keep the temperatures inside bearable. Thus, when you notice defects and delay getting repairs or renewal, it won’t function as hoped. Of course, you wouldn’t want to do further damage due to negligence, but when is the right time to have your siding replaced? We’ll discuss it here.

There are noticeable signs that may help you in this situation. So, if you’re not sure if now is the time to get this project started, you can check this list as a help:

  1. Bubbling or blistered siding: This can happen when your siding is exposed to excessive amounts of heat or moisture. You can easily replace affected areas of the siding by calling a contractor to identify the cause and have it fixed.

  2. Hail damage: Chipping, denting and cracking are all evidence that your home’s siding has been damaged by hail. Hail, no matter the size and impact, can quickly damage a protective barrier, such as a siding.

  3. Surging bills: No obvious signs of damage to your home exterior? Take a look at your heating and cooling bills from the previous months. If you see a significant increasing trend, it’s a sign the insulation is inadequate. Take note that your siding plays a vital role in the energy efficiency of your house. You can easily conduct an energy audit and inspection of your siding to determine if this feature is the real culprit of your hefty dues.

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