How to Properly Keep Raccoons Off Your Gutter System

Your gutters are meant to capture water runoff and redirect it toward the drains, but they can sometimes get damaged by small animals like raccoons that climb onto them. They do this to access your roofing system and look for shelter and food. Depending on the frequency and damage they cause to your gutters and downspouts, you’ll end up with costly repairs if this is left unaddressed. 

Fortunately, you can effectively stop raccoons from climbing your downspouts and prevent them from invading your property. 

Use Grease on Your Downspouts 

Raccoons have to hug downspouts to climb them properly. Applying grease on the downspouts will prevent them from climbing and cause them to slide downwards instead. Make sure to use automotive grease or non-food grease, and apply it on all four sides of your downspouts. To maximize its effectiveness, we recommend applying it on the highest point of your downspouts. 

Don’t Leave Pet Food Outside

Like many homeowners, you might tend to leave food and water outdoors for your pets. While this is fine throughout the day, make sure to bring these back indoors during nighttime. This is because raccoons are nocturnal creatures and can easily get attracted by pet food outside your home. They may even try to climb the downspouts to look for any fallen fruit from overhanging branches, which can cause damage in the process. To prevent this from happening, trim back the tree limbs, and pick up the fallen fruit as much as possible.

Use Metal Coverings or Screens

This is another good way to prevent raccoons from making their way up and down your downspouts. By closing off access to your gutters and roof with a metal grid screen or some kind of covering, the raccoons won’t attempt to climb over even if they try. Just make sure that they’re firmly attached so that they won’t pull down or open them easily. 

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