How to Identify Window Seal Failure

The seals on your windows may need to be replaced if they remain filthy or foggy after cleaning. A standard window is made up of two layers of glass that are filled with argon or krypton gas. When the seal fails, gas leaks out, giving the glass a foggy appearance. 

Knowing what window seals are and how to identify if they’ve gone bad can make it easier for you to find and fix any issues as soon as possible. 

What Is a Window Seal?

Single-pane windows don’t have seals, whereas double- or triple-pane windows have. Seals are used to separate two or three panes of glass that are separated by an inert gas thermal spacer or a partial vacuum. In order to keep the gas/vacuum and pollutants from escaping, the series of panes and spacers are joined together at the edges.

Why Do Window Seals Fail?

If your window seals have failed, it could be due to poor manufacturing, shipping or installation. Extreme weather conditions with high temperatures and humidity can damage windows and cause seal failure.

Even if windows are properly built, installed and maintained, seals might fail with time.

How Do You Detect Seal Failure?

The first thing to do if you find your windows fogging up is to clean them to ensure that the moisture is coming from within (between the two panes). Moisture is a common side effect of temperature changes, and it’s usually not indicative of an issue. You may have seal failure if your window still seems foggy even after a thorough cleaning.

Second, keep an eye out for distorted vision and intermittent condensation on the windows. Your inert gas leaks out between the two panes of glass when the seal fails, allowing air to intrude. Moisture that should not be in your windows is what causes intermittent condensation. When a seal fails, we often notice trademark fogging as a result of this.

What Should I Do if My Window Seals Have Failed?

If you fear your seals have failed, the first thing you should do is pull out your warranty documentation and verify that your windows are still covered. Numerous windows include a lifetime warranty, which helps protect you in the event of a product failure. Second, contact your local window installer since you may need new windows.

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