Factors Influencing Window Replacement Costs

If you want to increase your home’s energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal, investing in high-quality replacement windows is the way to go. However, much like installing gutters or siding, understanding the various factors affecting the cost of this home improvement project is imperative. We discuss some of them below:

Window Design and Style

Replacement windows with elaborate designs tend to cost higher. Customizable components like hardware finishes, grilles and frame textures can also impact the cost, especially if you are planning to replace more than one window. Those with simple designs, meanwhile, feature bigger glass to allow more natural light and provide uninterrupted outdoor views.

Window Glass

Windows that feature more than one pane of glass will be more expensive than single-paned ones. However, it is rare to find the latter in the market nowadays. Double- and triple-pane windows are well worth the investment because of the energy-efficient benefits they provide.

Method of Installation

Even the way of installing windows and doors affects the overall cost of the home improvement project. An insert installation, for instance, involves replacing the window itself, but not the frames surrounding the opening. This is different from a full-frame installation where everything is removed from the opening and replaced with new components.

Choice of Window Replacement Contractor

It pays to do your research when selecting a contractor that can perform your window installation project. Some gauge prices and try to sell low-end replacement window units that won’t last long and provide the performance you come to expect. Be sure to ask prospective contractors about their experience and if they have adequate insurance and licenses.

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