Common Deck Patterns to Consider

Decks are rewarding to renovate. To successfully improve your deck, a well-thought-out plan for the material, layout and budget is required. You can start your plan by visualizing what pattern is best for your home. Here are some of the common deck patterns that you should consider.

Horizontal Pattern

The horizontal pattern is one of the easiest and simplest ways to install your decking material to achieve a durable surface. Your trusted contractor does not even need to add butt joints to complete the surface if your deck is less than 20 feet wide. You will only have to splice the deck boards over a joist if it’s more than 20 feet. Because of this, the horizontal pattern saves time to install and does not cost too much in terms of material and labor.

Diagonal Pattern

Installing your deck at an angle of 45 degrees is the method fit for the diagonal pattern. This pattern is not only known to offer more durability and strength, but also it’s more aesthetically pleasing. It just requires more time for the cutting. However, with a reliable decks contractor, this technique is doable without too much time and material waste.

Herringbone Pattern

If you prefer a pattern with a more sophisticated technique, herringbone may be for you. With the herringbone pattern, rectangles are arranged in such a way that they resemble herringbone fragments. This is a common arrangement on parquet floors and road pavements. To add a bit more effect, it’s advised to use contrasting yet combination colors to your deck boards.

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