Building a Raised vs. Grade-Level Deck

When considering the addition of a deck to your home, many homeowners are unaware that there are two types of decks: raised and ground-level. While you may believe that the option is irrelevant because both decks are identical, this is far from the truth. Indeed, there are a few critical distinctions between a raised deck and a ground-level deck, and it’s prudent to educate yourself about them. 

Raised Decks 

A raised deck’s height is determined by your home’s design. As with a split-level or raised ranch-style home, the primary living area is upstairs. The deck is joined to the second floor and supported by stout posts set on piers, with a stairway leading down to the yard below.

If your home is a Cape Cod or a center hall Colonial, the deck can be raised up to reach the threshold of the back door if you have a foundation. The maximum height is normally two feet.

Advantages of Raised Decks

  • It’s a great method to tie your yard together with trees and other landscaping items. It increases the overall square footage and value of your property, in addition to providing additional outside space.

  • Its versatility and location make it ideal for special occasions. You may furnish the space and host a fantastic Sunday meal.

Ground-Level Decks  

A ground-level deck has a box frame with floors and joists. Deck installers normally install the deck on a level region in the yard, such as the middle or back of the grass, or in a shady area beneath a tree canopy.

A platform is a deck that is adjacent, but not attached, to the home. Permits aren’t usually required for structures under 18 inches high, but you should check with your local building department. Most construction rules require a railing to be at least 36 inches high.

Advantages of a Ground-Level Deck

  • Planting trees around a ground-level deck can effortlessly integrate it with your landscape.

  • Ground-level decks, unlike elevated decks, do not need to be joined to any structural elements of your home. It can be built in any part of your yard to make it more attractive and unique.

  • The cost of constructing this style of deck is rather low. It’s straightforward, and the total cost of labor and materials is inexpensive. You can also purchase more furniture. 

Both elevated and ground-level decks offer benefits and drawbacks. It all boils down to personal style and the arrangement of your home. It is critical to invest in quality materials and hire a good contractor to assist you with the entire job from the start. 


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