Benefits of Replacing Your Siding and Windows Together

Replacing your siding and windows are some of the most common ways of improving your home’s exterior. But is it possible to replace both of your siding and windows at the same time? Home improvement professionals say it’s more convenient and time-saving.

Factors to Consider

You should consider your project timeline, your budget and the weather if you’re planning to replace your siding and windows at once. It’s a bigger project to replace two main things in your home, so you have to make sure that you are properly coordinated with your contractor. The good thing is, replacing them both at the same time offers you more benefits.

Easier for Contractors

If you replace your windows without replacing your siding, you are doing the same work twice. It’s easier for your home improvement contractor to replace your windows while your siding is being renovated. If you have the budget to replace both your siding and windows, your contractor will advise you to do so. They are saving time and reducing the work to be done.

Energy Saving

Because your windows and siding both play an important role in your home’s insulation, replacing them separately would affect your home’s energy performance. During the renovation, it’s advised to turn off your HVAC system to avoid wasting energy with the open windows and siding. So, to save energy, avoid discomfort and reduce energy waste, it’s a smart choice to replace them at the same time. In addition, with both your siding and windows brand new, expect that your insulation will be better without too much maintenance.

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