Ask These Questions When Hiring a Window Installer

Whether you’re planning to install new windows, doors or even a deck this spring, you can’t just hire any other contractor for the job. It’s a big investment, after all, so you need to find the right contractor for the job. One way to do this is to ask for referrals from your friends and family who had similar jobs done to their homes so you’ll have a list of potential contractors whom you can approach personally. Here are a few questions to ask those prospects: 

“How Long Will the Installation Take?”

From ordering your windows up until their installation, it can sometimes take a while before your project gets completed. Make sure to ask for a general timeline of when your windows get installed so that you’ll at least feel better about the replacement process. To give you an idea of how long a window project can take, a capable crew can install 10 standard 3 x 5 foot double-hung windows in a day. However, if you’re planning to get custom-made windows, it may take longer before they get delivered to your home.

“Do You Have the Licenses and Insurance?”

As a trusted expert in windows, we advise against choosing a contractor who doesn’t carry insurance or have the proper licenses to run their business legally. Most states will have similar requirements for businesses to operate legally, and they often include at least two types of insurance (i.e. workers’ compensation and general liability).

“Are You Qualified to Install Windows?”

Reputable window contractors must also have the right certifications that prove they’re qualified to get the job done right. Look for factory-authorized installers as they’re already trained to install specific products manufactured under a single brand. This may mean that they work with only certain types of windows, so make sure to discuss your preferences about window brands, if you have any, as well as which brands they recommend for your home.

You need to ask the right questions to help you decide who’s qualified to install your windows and doors. Contact Paddy’s today at (302) 388-3625 or by filling out our convenient contact form.

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