A Guide on Mixing Different Deck Materials

If you’re planning to build a deck, one of the most important details you need to consider is the type of material that will make up the structure. Typically, there are two main deck materials you can choose from: pressure-treated wood and composite. 

Most homeowners favor one over the other, but did you know that you can actually mix wood with composite? It’s a great way to maximize the benefits of both materials while also saving money. 

Mixing Wood and Composite Decking

Wood is the most affordable and accessible material for building a deck. As long as high-quality wood is used, the structure can last 40 years or more with regular maintenance. Meanwhile, composite decking, despite being a costly material, is more low-maintenance, durable and resistant to rot, insects and the weather. 

To get the best of both worlds, you should consider mixing wood and composite decking. Since wood is less expensive than composite decking, you can use it for uprights and other supports that will be hidden from view. When it comes to surfaces that come in contact with the hands and feet, such as handrails and decking boards, use composite since it is low-maintenance, weather-resistant and splinter-free.

How to Mix Wood and Composite Decking

When mixing wood and composite decking, your deck contractor recommends keeping the following in mind:

  • Appearance. If you’re mixing materials, you will also end up mixing finishes. The finished product may have two tones, but this may not be a bad thing if you plan carefully. When choosing your decking material, choose a color that is complementary to both your home and the existing wood to give the structure a clean and cohesive look. 

  • Exposure to the elements. For areas that are not constantly exposed to the elements, it’s best to use wood decking. These include the structure’s vertical supports and joists. However, it’s worth noting that these wooden components will still require refinishing, repair, and replacement. 

  • Fasteners. Wooden decks are nailed together, but if you’re going with composite decking, the screws should be designed for the material you’ve chosen. Also, you should choose a specially formulated polyvinyl chloride PVC glue together with your fasteners to ensure the deck withstands expansion and contraction from temperature changes.

If you’re replacing your decking material or building one from scratch, you can count on the expert contractors at Paddy’s. We are committed and determined to assist you in your project. Count on us to construct chimneys and replace your old siding as well. Call us at (302) 388-3625, or fill out our online contact form to request an estimate.

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