5 Reasons Roofs Fail

A properly functioning roof is essential to keeping your home safe from various elements. Unfortunately, roofs can suffer from significant issues that require attention or replacement.

In this post, we’ll discuss five of the most common reasons roofs fail and how you can identify if these issues are present in your current roof.

1. Poor Installation

One of the key reasons why roofs fail is poor installation. The roof must be installed properly to function at its best, providing your home with long-term protection against the elements and maintaining efficient insulation throughout all seasons. Poor installation could mean that shingles are not aligned or nails may have been left exposed, which can create entry points for water accumulation and leaks if they are not addressed promptly.

2. No Maintenance

Another factor of utmost importance when it comes to a roof’s longevity is regular maintenance. Generally speaking, it’s always best to keep your roof clean and free of debris such as branches, leaves and organic matter. Any visible signs of aging should also be addressed quickly. Cracks in the sealant that covers around fixtures or penetrations can lead to water accumulation, which could then cause more significant damage over time.

3. Low-quality Materials

When choosing a roof, you must pick out materials that are of high quality yet also fit your budget. If you opt for lower-quality materials to save some money, this could have serious consequences further down the road. Cheaper asphalt shingles may not be able to stand up against heavy storms and even strong gusts of wind.

4. Lack of Ventilation

While this issue isn’t as common, lack of ventilation poses a serious risk for roof failure. The absence of ventilation means that your roof won’t be able to disperse the buildup of heat caused by direct sunlight. This can lead to cracking and curling shingles that will eventually deteriorate, leaving the structural integrity of your roof in jeopardy.

5. Design Flaws

Frequently overlooked, design flaws are another issue that may lead to roofing failure. Even minor errors in the structuring of your roof can dramatically reduce its lifespan. A sloping with an incorrect angle could mean that you don’t get proper drainage when it rains or snows. Gables that don’t provide an adequate level of strength for carrying heavier objects such as trees and snow accumulation could result in roof damage.


It’s vital to keep in mind the five factors we’ve discussed today if you want your roof to remain reliable and structurally sound. If signs of aging or damage have been identified, it’s best to seek out professional assistance as soon as possible.

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