4 Questions to Ask During Your Roof Inspection

Your roof protects the structure and contents of your home, which is why it needs to be in tip-top shape for most of its lifespan. One way you can do this is by scheduling a professional roof inspection annually. This way, you understand the condition of your roof and determine the next step in preserving its health.  

During the inspection, a professional roofer will visit your home and thoroughly examine your roofing structure. We recommend asking these four questions to make the most out of your roof inspection. 

1. How Often Should I Have My Roof Inspected?

A roof inspection is a key to maintaining your roof. As such, ask your roofer how often you should have your roof inspected. Their answer may often depend on the age of your roof. If you have a new roof, it should be inspected after every major storm, especially if you notice curling shingles or leaks. Meanwhile, older roofs need to be examined more carefully. To help extend its service life, consider scheduling a roof inspection every other year to determine its condition from extreme weather. 

2. Which Parts of My Roof Need to Be Inspected?

It’s a good idea to ask this question to ensure your roof is thoroughly inspected. To find out what’s wrong with your roof, your roofer will investigate the entire roofing system during the inspection, including the flashing, gutters and shingles. Remember, there may be roofing damage that isn’t visible to the untrained eye. A qualified roofing contractor with plenty of experience will be able to spot damage right away and perform the necessary repairs to keep your roof in good condition.

3. Do I Have Sufficient Attic Ventilation?

Attic ventilation is an important factor for a functioning roofing system. If your attic is not well-ventilated, there can be a buildup of moisture and heat. Over time, this can lead to damaged shingles and mold growth, which can eventually wear down your roof and cause premature failure. During the inspection, your roofers will take note of the amount of intake and exhaust ventilation. This way, they will determine whether you need to install additional ridge or soffit vents. 

4. What Is My Roof’s Expected Lifespan?

The expected lifespan of your roof largely depends on the type and quality of the roofing material. If you have an asphalt shingle roof, for instance, you can expect it to last 15 to 30 years. On the other hand, metal roofing may last for 40 years or longer. Additionally, you should also take note of other factors such as installation quality, maintenance, and climate. After inspecting your roof, your roofer will be able to determine whether it’s time to consider a roof replacement. 

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